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I absolutely LOVE to create "moving" cinematic productions.  So many times videos are put together in more of an "assembly line" fashion, and the quality suffers.  The best products deserve nothing less than the best, most emotional and impactful cinema.  All my projects are developed from the ground up...meaning that painstaking efforts are taken during every step of your film to ensure that just the "right" selections are made - video length, musical score, shot development, capture equipment, lighting, editing, effects, etc.  


I also deliver quickly and economically.

Having run a full-service advertising firm (the WPM Group / 20+ years) and been a Chief Marketing Officer for a multi-million dollar company (Securitec Screening / 6+ years and counting) It's fair to say that I'm trained to focus on results.  When all other metrics are set aside, the only one that really matters is "sales." 

Likes, views, etc, really don't matter unless positive results follow.


  • I am a Getty Images™ Artist  (both photography and cinematography) and have been for 17+ years.

  • Based out of Raleigh, NC but also cover SC and VA.

  • All planning,  video capture and editing is done by point of wondering if you're speaking to the right person.

  • All terrestrial and drone cameras are 4K or 6K

  • FAA Licensed Drone Pilot with 300+ hrs. in the air

  • State of NC Certified Drone Pilot

  • Pricing is per-hour-based - don't get scared - I quote a range before we ever start and I'm usually more affordable than the fixed rate options out there.  Initial consultations are always free of charge.

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